OntoMedia: An Ontology for the Representation of Heterogeneous Media

TitleOntoMedia: An Ontology for the Representation of Heterogeneous Media
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJewell, MO, Lawrence, FK, Tuffield, MM
Subsidiary AuthorsPrugel-Bennett, A, Millard, DE, Nixon, MS, m.c. schraefel,, Shadbolt, NR
Conference NameMultimedia Information Retrieval Workshop (MMIR 2005) SIGIR
PublisherACM SIGIR
KeywordsAnnotation, Multimedia, Ontology, OntoMedia, semantic web

With the emergence of the Semantic Web, a shared vocabulary is necessary to annotate the vast collection of heterogeneous media already in existence. The OntoMedia ontology aims to provide a meaningful set of relationships which may enable this process, while being suited to mapping and extension. In this paper we outline the salient features of our ontology as well as initial applications and comparisons to existing technologies.