Identity and the Online Media Fan Community

TitleIdentity and the Online Media Fan Community
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLawrence, FK
EditorWarburton, S, Hatzipanagos, S
Book TitleDigital Identity and Social Media
PublisherInformation Science Reference
ISBN Number9781466619173
KeywordsCommunity, fandom, social media, tagging, trust

While new technology offers the promise of abstraction and automation, the Web offers an efficient, global method of communication between people, both as individuals and within and amongst groups. The recent prominence of the social web reflects and acknowledges an underlying facet of human nature – that humans like to interact and will use whatever is available to them to do so. But communication and interaction are about more than the exchange of information; they are about who we are. This chapter presents a case study in identity and trust within the online media fan (OMF) community.