OntoMedia Examples - Space

Scope: Classes and properties extending the Signage Location ontology (Millard et al., 2004)

Namespace Prefix: loc
Ontology Module: http://purl.org/ontomedia/core/space# (see Owl File)

Main Classes:

[Diagram showing the classes in the Space module]

While the Signage Location Ontology provided a simple way to describe internal locations it was lacking in classes to describe larger regions or general geographical areas. The OntoMedia Space classes took their main model from the Location ontology but attempted to fill these gaps.

For Example:

:LotR-Middle-Earth a loc:World ;
	rdfs:label "LotR - Middle Earth" .

:LotR-Orodruin a loc:Volcano ;
	rdfs:label "LotR - Orodruin" ;
	omt:has-trait "Name-Orodruin" ;
	omt:has-trait "Name-MtDoom" ;
	aktloc:is-located-in "LotR-Middle-Earth" .

:LotR-Dead-Marshes a loc:Marsh ;
	rdfs:label "LotR - The Dead Marshes" ;
	aktloc:is-located-in "LotR-Middle-Earth" .

:LotR-Gondor a loc:Country ;
	rdfs:label "LotR - Gonder" ;
	ome:contains "LotR-Minas-Tirith" ;
	aktloc:is-located-in "LotR-Middle-Earth" .

:LotR-Minas-Tirith a loc:Capital ;
	rdfs:label "LotR - Minas Tirith" ;
	aktloc:is-located-in "LotR-Gandor" .