OntoMedia Examples - Being

Scope: Classes and properties describing beings, groups of beings and links between beings.

Namespace Prefix: omb
Ontology Module: http://purl.org/ontomedia/ext/common/being# (see Owl File)

Main Classes:

  • ome:Entity
    • Being
      • Proto-Being
      • Character
  • ome:Abstract-Item
    • Profession
    • Bond
      • Pledge
      • Deal
    • Enmity
    • Alliance
      • Friendship
    • Family
      • Blood
      • Adopted
      • Foster
      • Step
    • Possession
      • Mental-Illness
      • Physical-Illness
      • Physical-Injury
      • Emotional-Crisis
    • ome:Collection
      • Group
        • Community
          • Household
          • Bonded-Group
        • Organisation
          • Company
          • Government
    • Beings

    The classes described in the being section of OntoMedia relate to people, fictional or otherwise, and groups thereof. For specific use in fiction, omb:Being class was extended to omb:Character. Entities of the omb:Character type are defined as fictional entities which have a personality.

    For example, a toaster would be a type of ome:Physical-Item, a subclass of ome:Item, whereas the talkie toaster from the television series Red Dwarf created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and the related books written by same, would be classed as an omb:Character despite having the physical appearance of a toaster.

:Toaster a ome:Physical-Item ;
	rdfs:label "A Toaster" ;
	omt:has-trait :Description-Red-Toaster ;
	ome:exists-in :Reality .

:Talkie-Toaster a omb:Character ;
	rdfs:label "Talkie Toaster" ;
	omt:has-trait :Description-Red-Toaster ;
	ome:exists-in :Red-Dwarf .

:Slitheen-Egg a omb:Proto-Character ;
	rdfs:label "Margaret Blaine Slitheen (in Egg)" ;
	ome:exists-in :Whoniverse .

:Embryo a omb:Proto-Being ;
	rdfs:label "An Embryo" ;
	ome:exists-in :Reality .

The omb:proto-being and omb:proto-character classes were added to deal with entities which had the potential to develop into a being but which did not have any form of awareness or personality and for which there might be some debate as to whether they should therefore be counted at a ome:Physical-Item or a omb:Being. An example of this would be the Slitheen egg from the Doctor Who episode ‘Boom Town’ or an embryo.

Currently character development is shown using an entity-focused ome:Timeline. An omb:Character, or any other ome:Entity, is associated with a ome:Timeline. Any changes that occur to that ome:Entity are then referenced in the timeline. To discover the state of a ome:Entity at any given point it is just necessary to start with the initial description of the ome:Entity and then make any changes required by ome:Events occurring on the ome:Timeline up until the point of interest. The reason that the decision was taken to model ome:Entity development like this was to limit the number of versions of the ome:Entity that were required. It was considered that the comparatively simple calculation on the part of the computer was a preferable option to the time that a user would otherwise spend. This is under discussion.

In some cases where there are very distinct changes to the ome:Entity then the user may wish to make a new ome:Entity which has a ome:is relationship with the first version and this too can be added to the ome:Timeline. An example of when this might occur is if the actor playing a character changed such as the many Bonds or the various incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who

The ontomedia:Bonded-Group class is used to describe groups that share a common bond or closeness. One important variation of a omb:Bonded-Group, although not shown in the class tree above, is a partnership. ontomedia:Partnerships were seen as closely bonded groups of two, and thus a specific subclass of ontomedia:Bonded-Group. It was decided not to differentiate between types of partnership at this level. While the ontomedia:Partnership class models a close bond between two people, only through the existence of other events, or lack thereof, can any conclusions be drawn on whether the partnership has a sexual component or any legal recognition. This was done to avoid prejudice through assumption when the ontology has to cover many different types of partnerships, close friendships, couples and ‘marriages’, the difference between which
may not be clearly defined by the people or characters within them.

For example:

:LotR-Fellowship a omb:Bonded-Group ;
	rdfs:label "LotR: The Fellowship" ;
	ome:contains :LotR-Frodo;
	ome:contains :LotR-Sam;
	ome:contains :LotR-Merry;
	ome:contains :LotR-Pippin;
	ome:contains :LotR-Gandalf;
	ome:contains :LotR-Strider;
	ome:contains :LotR-Boromir;
	ome:contains :LotR-Legolas;
	ome:contains :LotR-Gimli;
	omt:has-trait :Link-Fellowship-Pledge;
	omb:has-number-of-parts "9";
	ome:exists-in :LotR .

:LotR-Frodo-Sam a omb:Partnership ;
	rdfs:label "LotR: Frodo-Sam Partnership" ;
	ome:contains :LotR-Frodo;
	ome:contains :LotR-Sam;
	omt:has-trait :Link-Frodo-Sam-Friendship ;
	ome:exists-in :LotR .

:LotR-Eowyn-Faramir a omb:Partnership ;
	rdfs:label "LotR: Eowyn-Faramir Marraige" ;
	ome:contains :LotR-Eowyn;
	ome:contains :LotR-Faramir;
	omt:has-trait :Link-Marriage-Pledge ;
	ome:exists-in :LotR .

:Link-Fellowship-Pledge a omt:Link ;
	rdfs:label "Link Between the Members of the Fellowship" ;
	omt:has-bond :Fellowship-pledge;
	ome:exists-in :LotR .

:Fellowship-Pledge a omb:Pledge ;
	rdfs:label "Pledge of the Fellowship" ;
	omb:pledge-maker :LotR-Fellowship;
	omb:pledge-receiver :LotR-Frodo;
	omb:will-do :Event-Destroy-Ring;
	ome:exists-in :LotR .


Bonds are one of the types of links that can connect two or more entities. These links can be positive (Alliance), negative (Enmity), neutral (Deal) or all three (Family).
For example:

:Methos a omb:Character ;
	rdfs:label "Methos" ;
	omt:has-trait [
		a omt:link ;
			omb:has-bond [ 
				a omb:Adopted;
				omb:is-sibling-of :Kronos;
				] .
	omfc:portrayed-by :PeterWingfield;
	ome:exists-in :Highlander-The-Series .

:Kronos a omb:Character ;
	rdfs:label "Kronos" ;
	omt:has-trait [
		a omt:link ;
			omb:has-bond [ 
				a omb:Adopted;
				omb:is-sibling-of :Methos;
				] .
	omfc:portrayed-by :ValentinePelka;
	ome:exists-in :Highlander-The-Series .