Ontomedia Examples - Extensions/Detail/Know

Scope: Top level content classes and properties related to knowledge

Namespace Prefix: omk
Ontology Module: http://purl.org/ontomedia/ext/detail/know# (see Owl File)

While the concept of knowledge exists as a ontomedia:Trait this describes a thing known by a person, group or universe/context (public knowledge). The information modelled in the Knowledge file may be known, and therefore linked to through omk:Knowledge, or may just exist.

Information is currently divided into three sub-classes:

  • Fact - Something that can be proven to be true
  • Theory - Something that is believed to be true
  • Memory - Something that was remembered as true

These subclasses allow for differing levels of evidential existence for the information being described. While facts are supposedly inviolate, theories can be wrong and memories can be misleading or altered. Of course what one person thinks is a fact...

As well as containing the basic ontomedia:Information classes, the knowledge file also includes classes relating to the concepts of ontomedia:Culture such as omk:Language, omk:Alphabet and omk:Belief.