Ontomedia Examples - Extensions/Detail/Physio/

Scope: The body parts classes are not intended to be anatomically precise but to provide a simple set of classes to describe the types of humanoid body parts that occur in narratives.

Ontology Module: http://purl.org/ontomedia/ext/detail/physio/* (see Owl File)

Main Files:

  • animal_body_parts.owl (namespace: omabp)
  • human_body_parts.owl (namespace: omhbp)
  • human_body_types.owl (namespace: omhbt)
  • human_eye_colours.owl (namespace: omhec)
  • human_hair_colous.owl (namespace: omhhc)

These are intended to be mainly used either to provide detail to events or, in combination with the omt:Trait classes and properties, for descriptive information. The default instance files include a number of RDF instances which can be used for omb:Being descriptions. They are not exhaustive but exist to provide the basic details that might commonly be needed and demonstrate the way in which the ontology can be expanded when necessary.

For example,

# Character

:DS-RayK a omb:Character ;
	rdfs:label "Due South - Ray Kawalski" ;
	omt:has-trait :Descrip-RayK ;
	ome:exists-in :DueSouth .

# Description

:Descrip-RayK a omt:Description ;
	rdfs:label "Physical Description of Ray Kawalski" ;
	omt:has-feature :Blue-Eyes ;
	omt:has-feature :Blond-Hair ;
	omt:has-description :Height5-10-5 ;
	omt:has-description :Slender ;
	omt:has-description :Logo-Tattoo ;
	ome:exists-in :DueSouth .

# Features

:Blue-Eyes a omhbp:Eyes ;
	rdfs:label "Blue Eyes" ;
	omt:has-trait a omhec:Blue .

:Blond-Hair a omhbp:Head-Hair ;
	rdfs:label "Blond-Hair" ;
	omt:has-trait a omhhc:Dirty-Blond .

:Tattooed-Arm a omhbp:Arm-Right-Upper-Surface ;
	rdfs:label "Tattooed Arm" .

# Description

:Height5-10-5 a omt:Dimension ;
	rdfs:label "Height - Five Foot Ten and a Half" ;
	ome:has-dimension "height" ;
	ome:has-unit "inch" ;
	ome:has-value "70.5" .

:Slender a omhbt:Ectomorph ;
	rdfs:label "Slender" .

:Logo-Tattoo a omt:Distinguishing-Mark ;
	rdfs:label "Champion Spark Plug Logo" ;
	omt:mark-location :Tattooed-Arm .