Ontomedia Exmples - Extensions/Fiction/Character

Scope: Classes and properties that relates to fictional characters

Namespace Prefix: omfc
Ontology Module: http://purl.org/ontomedia/ext/fiction/char.owl# (see Owl File)

Main Classes:

  • omb:Character
    • Original-Character (also subclass omb:Proto-Character)
    • Guest-Character (also subclass omb:Proto-Character)


While not required information, the guest and original character subclasses give users to option to specify if a given character is original to the context in which is is appearing or if it comes from another source. This information can be inferred through the use of the ome:shadow-of property but in many cases users may wish to clearly differentiate. While useful for media-inspired creations such as fan fiction, this is also relevant to professional publications and productions which feature characters from other series.

The use of the omfc:Guest-Character class makes no claims as to the status of the character, the accuracy in the depiction of the character or whether permission has been given or even sought for use. The designation is intended, solely, as an acknowledgment that credit for the creation of the character belongs elsewhere.

For example:

# Characters

:TN-Thursday-Next a omfc:Original-Character ;
	rdfs:label "Nextverse - Thursday Next" ;
	ome:has-shadow :TN-Thursday-1-4 ;
	ome:has-shadow :TN-Thursday-5 ;
	ome:exists-in :Nextverse .

:TN-Havisham a omfc:Guest-Character ;
	rdfs:label "Nextverse - Miss Havisham" ;
	omfc:originating-context :Great-Expectations ;
	ome:is-shadow-of :GE-Havisham ;
	ome:exists-in :Nextverse .

:TN-Thursday-5 a omfc:Original-Character ;
	rdfs:label "Nextverse - Thursday 5" ;
	ome:is-shadow-of :TN-Thursday-Next;
	ome:exists-in :Nextverse .

:GE-Havisham a omfc:Original-Character ;
	rdfs:label "Great Expectations - Thursday 5" ;
	ome:has-shadow :TN-Havisham;
	ome:exists-in :Great-Expectations .

# Contexts

:Nextverse a ome:Context ;
	rdfs:label "Nextverse" .

:Great-Expectations a ome:Context ;
	rdfs:label "Great Expectations" .