The Odds Of Winning In Roulette

Roulette exerts a magical attraction on every player. The game has already made many people rich and even more under its spell. It is not for nothing that it is also called the game of the devil – the rules of roulette are relatively easy to explain and every spin is full of tension.

In the following we give you a detailed overview of the rules and the different roulette variants. According to this, you will know the difference between European and American roulette, know about the different bets and even know their chances of winning and the amount of the payout in the event of a win.

Casino Tips: European or American Roulette?

The first thing you have to do is choose the right game. There are two variants: American roulette and European roulette. If you look at the wheel, you will notice a major difference: The American variant has both a “0” and a “00” while the European roulette only has a “0”. This changes the chances of winning on all bets – more on this below. In both European and American roulette, the wheel has a sequence of numbers from 1-36, one half of which is black and the other half is red.

Casino know-how: outside bets in roulette

In roulette there are both inside and outside bets. The name comes from the fact that the outside bets are outside the actual playing area of ​​the table. Outside bets have the highest chances of winning, but also comparatively smaller wins.

For those who want to play more on security, the so-called “even money” bets are just the thing. You can either bet on red or black, on even and odd or on the sequence of numbers 1-18 or 19-36. The chances are almost 50% here. To be precise, in European roulette the player has a 48.65% chance of winning, whereas in American roulette he has a 47.37% chance of winning. The difference in the odds is that European roulette has only one zero, while American roulette has two. The payout for even money bets is 1: 1 – so if you bet one euro, you can win one euro.

Above the even money field there are three more fields in which you can bet on the first dozen (number series from 1-12), on the second dozen (number series from 13-24) or on the third dozen (number series from 25-36) can. To the right of the number field, you can also bet on different rows that also cover a third of the numbers, which is why these fields are called Column and Dozen. With European roulette the chances of winning are 32.43%, with American roulette it is 31.58%. On the other hand, the winnings are larger with a ratio of 2: 1 – if you bet one euro, you can win 2 euros.

Casino know-how: Inside bets in roulette

Now we come to the actual inside bets. Here you bet on individual numbers. To be successful here, Fortuna has to be on your side. The chances of winning are slim, but the winnings are substantial.

Straight : If you bet on a single number, you have a 2.7% chance of winning in European roulette and a 2.63% chance of winning in American roulette. But whoever wins will be rewarded with a win rate of no less than 35: 1. If you only bet one euro, you already win € 35.

Split : In the so-called split, you bet on 2 numbers – but these would have to be adjacent. Here the chances of winning are 5.41% for European and 5.26% for American roulette. The payout is 17: 1.

Street : Here the player bets on a 3-digit series of numbers, for example 19, 20 and 21 or 28, 29 and 30. The odds are 8.11% in European roulette and 7.89% in American. The payout in the event of a win is 11: 1.

Corner : Corner means you bet on 4 numbers that form a square on the table. This would be, for example, 1, 2, 4 and 5. The payout is 8: 1 and the chances of winning are 10.81% in European roulette and 10.53% in the American variant.

Double Street : Here you bet on two 3-digit rows of numbers – i.e. on 6 numbers. The odds of winning in European roulette are 16.22% and in American 15.75%. If you win, you will receive a payout of 5: 1.

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